Friday, 11 December 2009

Our Origins

Every kid born in the British Isles has been brought up with an incorrect view of both our history and our origins.

We were and are taught that our islands were populated by a series of tribes that, with each phase of invasion effectively ethnically cleansed the country.

With the advent of genetic mapping, we now know that what we have been fed over the years, is complete tosh!

Ethnically there is little difference between the English,Scots,Welsh and Irish.

The first inhabitants of our islands were Basques and to this day we are still predominantly ethnic Basques.

Only a small percentage of our population was ever Celt, Anglo-Saxon, Viking or Norman.

This tends to suggest that those arriving on our shores were in each case an elite, probably escaping some kind of persecution in their homelands.

This of course is intriguing, it means that we are an incredibly ancient race who have lost their heritage.

Our ancestors built Stonehenge and the other megalithic monuments in Britain, for why we don't really know.

The Druids originated in our islands and far from the Roman propaganda which said they practised human sacrifice, we know that their learning was revered throughout the ancient
World, which in itself suggests that Britain was not an island of savages.

The Romans true interest in Britain was it's mineral wealth.

The most important metal of the time was bronze which is an alloy of tin and copper, both of which were in abundance in Britain.

There are legends in the West Country that Jesus came here with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea and that Jesus studied under the druids at Glastonbury.

Obviously there is no material evidence for this but folk tales have often proved to have an element of truth.

We know for sure that Joseph was a wealthy tin merchant and since Cornwall was the biggest producer of this metal in the ancient World, it would not be surprising if he travelled there.

To support this argument, the early church stated that the first Christian church was created in Britain at Glastonbury.

Why would Jesus come here? Our islands have an ancient spirituality involving megaliths, ley lines and of course the druids.

It was well known in ancient times as a mysterious place and a centre of spiritual learning

Many Christians may be horrified by my suggestions, but they should remember that Jesus was not a Christian.

The cult that developed out of his teachings became known as Christianity.

So we Britons live in a mystical place and more and more of us are going back to our roots, this land has a special hold on us that we cannot truly explain.

I believe that we will over the coming years start to re-evaluate our place in the World.

Throughout history these small islands have had an influence out of all proportion to their size and this will continue but in a way based on the knowledge of the ancients.

If your ancestors came from these isles you are probably of Basque origin, either way this is your spiritual home, visit it if you can.

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  1. The Basques are a we bit mysterious. Some scholars have suggested a Celtic etymology based on bhar-s-, meaning "summit", "point" or "leaves", according to which barscunes may have meant "the mountain people", "the tall ones" or "the proud ones". Also as mysterious were the Picts, an ancient tribe predating much of British history. The Venerable Bede, the "Father of English History" who was born in 673, tells us that the Pictish race, one of the founding races of the British Isles, arrived in Scotland from Brittany about the 5th century B.C.
    Much of the history I learned in school was bull or worse, propaganda.