Friday, 28 August 2009

Newspapers,Truth and All That

I don't know if you have notice the increasing pointlessness of newspapers.Even the so called heavy weights today fill their pages with celebrity gossip.What purports to be news amounts to little more than press releases by governments,agencies and major corporates.
Investigative journalism is diminishing as Editors seek to pander to their proprietors.Can one ever imagine The Times publishing an investigative report on the Murdoch Empire?
Reports on the state of our present government hardly amount to great journalism since the culprits have been so blatant that it has been difficult to miss.
Sadly Newspaper Editors are part of the pervasive modern culture that lionises some idiot because he can kick a football!
Without strong journalism the very roots of democracy are under threat.I call upon proprietors to stand for freedom and effectively police our democracies and root out greed,corruption and sychophancy!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Senator Edward Kennedy

Today the sad news was announced of the death of Edward Kennedy who had been battling cancer for some time.Whilst not everybodies cup of tea,the Senator will have his place in history as a prominant member of the Democrat Party.Working behind the scenes for peace in Ireland and justice for all people in the North.A great American and believer in the rights of man.He will be sadly missed.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Entrepreneurs,Tax and Charity

Today we live in a World of plenty where people still starve,have no clean drinking water or proper sanitation.Yet there are a miriad number of International Agencies and Charities working to irradicate these problems.In this item I do not propose to discuss these bodies since they are better placed than I to understand the issues and the solutions that may be available.My main point today is to talk about successful people around the World who perhaps could do more through their connections with Governments of all persuasions to make a real difference.
I refer to what can loosely be termed the entrepreneurial class,most of whom do not live in Tax Havens and therefore contribute significantly to their countries economies,through personal and corporate taxation.This alone gives them considerable political influence and any business person with the vaguest sense of social responsibility is usually involved in some kind of Charitable undertaking.
I want to focus on those who simply take and do not give and specifically those who are domiciled in Tax Havens.It seems to me that there is a simple solution to extracting some of their wealth and putting it to good use in a focused way.Suppose for example,and we will use Jersey as a case study,Jersey imposes an extra 5% tax on tax exiles living on the island,who cannot demonstrate a reason other than tax avoidance,for living there.With this extra annual revenue The States of Jersey form a partnership with just one of the World's poorest countries.In this instance let's just say Mali.The partnership works on a business basis to develop specific projects in the country which directly affect the wellbeing of the populace.
Each of the various tax havens around the World could easily be put under pressure by Western Governments,to implement such a programme.Let's call it one on one mentoring with finance and expertise to back it up!
This may seem like a drop in the ocean but each partnership could become the hub and example for future development projects within the poorer countries,with the longterm objective being self sustainability.
I leave you with this thought,forget the poor of the World and we all die a little each day.

Monday, 24 August 2009

England Win the Ashes

What a fraught summer we have had,with England putting up mixed performances at each Test Match,the first in Cardiff was a complete disaster but the lads came good at Lords,with a sterling performance from Freddie Flintoff.The Aussies though are never a pushover,so it was a bit of a seesaw ride until yesterday when bitter Australian resistance was finally overcome.Well done lads and lets hope for positive results in South Africa this winter!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

15 Year Old Iranian Boy Raped in Prison

Today in the Times we read that a 15 year old boy sufferered multiple rapes at the hands of prison guards in Iran.And why did this young boy suffer the foulest of indiginities?Because he had the affrontery to criticise the tin pot dictatorship of Iran,which masquerades as an Islamic Democratic Republic.
This regime has taken the abuses of the days of the Shah to new heights and clearly it is approved of by the mullahs!
To resist this regime means rape,butchery and murder of it's own citizens,who are by and large followers of Islam.
Pray where in the Koran does it sanction such cruelty?
Such a regime is redundant,you cannot keep your people living in fear forever,the time is coming when the Mullahs will be on the run.The people of Iran will make the neccessary changes and bring these criminals to justice!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Afghan Elections

Well the Afghan elections are under way,first reports indicate a low turnout,caused by a combination of corruption and justifiable fear on the part of the populace of violent attacks by illiterate savages who hide behind selective extracts from the Koran.These people call themselves the Taliban and abuse a faith that does not expouse what they do.
They are little more than gangsters who use drug money to buy weapons,which more often than not are pointed at their own people.
The Koran specifically requires Muslims to protect people of The Book.Today we should remember all Jews,Christians and Muslims who have died as a result of bigotry.
Any idiot who thinks he is going to heaven having taken anothers life can only be considered a complete buffoon!
Ordinary people in Afghanistan simply want a life where they can feed the're families,provide them with a decent education that gives them a good start in life.
You only have to look at photographs of the people to realise they are honourable,proud and have the potential to build a beautiful country.
What holds them back is a medieaval culture that refuses to adapt to the modern world.
For me I wish them well,but they must free their women from fear!
Go with God!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Advanced Cosmic Ordering Service

Some of you will have heard of The Cosmic Ordering Service.A system whereby you can literally order anything into your life that you choose by simply asking the Universe.Sounds a little outrageous doesn't it?Well believe me it isn't,indeed the system has been used by peoples across the World for thousands of years.In the past it was restricted in it's use by adepts,but now you can learn how to attract abundance into your life,whether it be an ideal partner,wealth,a better job or a nice home.These things are within your grasp.Sign up to The Advanced Cosmic Ordering Service and live the dream.Just go to the site shown below to begin the journey!

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Good Luck!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

An Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear David

I am posting this letter on my Blog since I think it highly unlikely that your sycophants will want you to see it.The English Pub is in crisis caused primarily by idiotic legislation created by MP's whose only interest in these bastions of local communities, is a fear of the unelected and faceless Health and Safety Facists who now pervade our society.Or indeed it may be the remuneration they receive from institutions who have a vested interest in their failure.
The decline of the English Pub began during Mrs Thatchers time when the breweries were forced to sell parts of their estate on the basis of increasing competition.Nothing of that order ever happened.Instead the pubs were taken over by property companies who simply wanted a rate of return on the bricks and mortar.Replacing one cartel with another.
To salvage what is left of our heritage you can use another vehicle of Mrs Thatcher's and that is the right to buy.Give managers and tennants the right to buy free of tie and we might salvage communities and create local jobs for what will be genuine small businesses.You would also be advised to allow landlords to decide if they want smoking in their pubs instead of being terrified by faceless bureaucrats!I live in a small town and there isn't one landlord who wouldn't want smoking back in the pub,and that includes non-smokers!
If you are to be the next Prime Minister you need a little spine.

Simon Holmes

Life Between Life

Most people at some time in their lives ask the fundamental question.Why am I here?They may have investigated different spiritual systems to try and find the answer to this question.Most major faiths have adherents of re-incarnation,including both Christianity and Islam.
Life Between Life looks at a study area which is not widely known,yes,many of us have heard of Past Life experiences but what Dr Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher have focused on is the periods that exist between past lives.
This book is indeed a revelation if you wish to understand why we are here and the meaning of this present life.
Dr Whitton uses a process called hypnotic regression to achieve some startling results,that are helping us to understand our place in the Universe.
For those of you in search of an inner meaning to life,I would strongly recommend this work.
I have an link on the site for those interested in this area of study.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Les Paul

The sad news yesterday of the death of Les Paul,inventor of the hard bodied electric guitar.His creation allowed the development of rock music and the many icons this produced.He will be sourly missed by all those in the music industry who benifitted from his inventions and of course not least the millions of music fans across the world who owe him so much.
Rest in Peace Les,and thankyou.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Aung San Suu Kyi

Today we learn that the Junta in Burma has sentenced Aung San Suu Kyi to further house arrest,no doubt to keep her out of the picture during forthcoming elections.The oppression of this dignified and elegant leader by an illegitimate regime continues,whilst the Generals get fatter on the sale of drugs and oil.Will those countries which trade with this regime please stand up for the rights of it's people.The former colonial power,the United Kingdom seems disinterested in persuading countries in the region to do business with Burma.Mr Milleband earn your corn!
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Fighting Oppression


Today I have been asked to sign a petition denouncing an American Republican politician.Normally I would refrain from comments on politicians in other countries.However the man in question seems to be criticising Democrats, who seek health reform for the poor of America,as Nazis!
To say the least I find this a little perverse,since the previous administration were more akin to that train of thought.
This site seeks to withstand bigotry in all it's forms and from wherever it comes.I believe it was Winston Churchill who said beware if isms and ists, they, however well meant, tend to have an extreme point of view.
So today the Rainbow Bank has signed it's first petition.

Go in peace.


Monday, 10 August 2009

Making a Difference

Good Morning People

We've now been running for a week and little by little the site is coming together and you can help by making posts and leaving comments.Additionally if you are interested in buying on-line from, we now have a link direct to their site.This creates much needed revenue to help Rainbow Bank to grow and become a Global phenomenon.Indeed the same applies to other ads on the site so if you see something of interest,you will be helping in our development.I want us to attract as much traffic as possible from around the world so please tell your friends to sign up and get posting.
Choose any subject you wish to discuss as long as it is not offensive!
Peace be with you.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Secret History of the World

An English guy has written a book that takes a totally different view of the history of the World.Organised religion wants you to accept what the Priests and Imams tell you in a literal sense and you are expected to take this in blind faith.Esoteric thought in Judaism,Christianity,Islam,Buddism and Hinduism encourages you to think and explore,to achieve spiritual enlightenment.This clearly requires an inquiring mind,something the self interested would prefer you did not have.
Mass religion is based on a requirement that the populace are ignorant,since it is more to do with power than belief in the Great Architect of the Universe.
What ever faith you have,I strongly recommend you read this book,it will open your eyes and astound you,it will stengthen your belief and make you realise that all faiths are one.How we express our beliefs is a personal matter and should simply be guided by our understanding of right and wrong.
The Rainbow Bank is intended as your forum to express thoughts and ideas,which demonstrate the true unity of humanity.We must fight bigotry and oppression,as expoused by politicians,priests,imams,rabbis and any others who wish to impose ways of life that merely suit them and not those they seek to control or oppress.Our aim must be to encourage education and to question those who would try to manipulate us.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Launch Day! Rainbow Bank

Hi Guys

Today is the big day we launch the Rainbow Bank.Designed as a bank for the exchange of ideas across the World,whether spiritual,economic or political.

This new space is your space to express your thoughts and ideas,make new friends,talk ethical business,whatever you want.

A true marriage of the peoples of the World to talk openly and help each other in little ways,to gain a better understanding of how we can interact in a peaceful way.

Rainbow Bank is designed to be self financing and to achieve this it simply needs traffic to attract advertisers who will finance the blog.

Over time I hope the site will eventually offer global banking to people seeking ethical solutions to their finances.

I want you to use the site for campaigning on issues that profoundly affect you.

Rainbow Bank will build a name for promoting kindness and understanding and will be totally non-alligned to any other organisation.