Thursday, 10 December 2009

Ludwig van Beethoven

After the last post I wanted to express something truly personal and truly emotional.

On 16th December 1770 was born for me the greatest composer who ever lived, and even he knew that God had placed him here for a purpose.

I am sitting here listening to Egmont.

As with every note he ever composed, it means something, it has spiritual resonance and you know that God put this man on the planet to express the beauty of life, nature and humanity.

Ludwig's music is the culmination of expression before the devastation of industrialisation.

You feel every note, it is organic and part of you.

Go out and buy the Emperor Concerto and listen to it late at night in the dark and then you will feel the genius of this man.

Every phrase makes sense, nothing is out of place, it just comes together in a way that will make you understand why you are on this planet.

If I have convinced you, which I hope I have, then move on to the Ninth Symphony, the greatest piece of music known to man.

Ludwig attended the premier in Vienna and received a standing ovation at the finish of the Symphony.

He witnessed people clapping their hands and knew that he had created a wonderful piece of music.

It was composed when he was completely deaf, he cut the legs off his piano so he could feel the note vibrations whilst he was lying on the floor.

God created a master who knew his duty to the Lord and he created what was required.

Can you think of an artist today that makes you think of nature, true love, humanity or spirituality?

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  1. Hi Simon, hope you are having a good week. I agree with you. I enjoy his ninth and find it very moving. It would be difficult to find anyone today who would compare to him. There are many inspirational artists though which I believe honor God in thier performance. Two such artists are Michael Smith and Avalon.