Thursday, 17 December 2009

I've Been Thinking

Yes I know, Oh God here he goes again.

Well we now live in this Global community which allows us to express ourselves in a way not possible in the past.

Opinion was traditionally driven by our respective Governments and Cultures.

We now find ourselves in a situation where the Tower of Babel has been rebuilt and we do not always swallow what we are told.

This must be a nightmare for our leaders.

How can they convince us that what they say is true?

The answer to that one is they can't.

Those who wish to influence human opinion are also under threat, simply because we find friends around the World who tell us how it is in their own environment without the need for emotionally charged agendas.

In my travels it seems to me that most people are kind, considerate and open to different opinions, irrespective of their religious or cultural backgrounds.

I'm a Christian with Muslim friends, neither of us are trying to convert the other, and why should we? We both believe in the Great Architect of the Universe.

So to try and maintain some sort of control, the governments of the World focus on issues which they believe they have full control over, namely weapons and global warming.

I will deal with the issues seperately.

Weapons: It's alright if we have them, but if you do,sorry that isn't allowed!

Global Warming:It is probably happening, but I am yet to be convinced that man can do anything about it.

I read an awful lot about this subject and our planet.

We may be heading for what I term as a readjustment which has nothing to do with humanity, just something the planet does from time to time.

In the last 70 million years the poles have shifted 170 times.

If you believe Charles Hapgood, we have never experienced an Ice Age, simply a shift in the crust, which has meant that the poles have moved, thus resulting in a change in polar regions.

This would certainly explain the discovery of a mammoth in Siberia found to have food in it's frozen mouth and stomach which said it lived in sub-tropical areas.

It was instantly frozen, which means the poles shifted instantly, think about that for a minute!

We have this belief that we are infallible but in reality we are just another species.

Our advantage however is this, we are intelligent.

If another cataclysm is to descend upon us, some humans will survive, and who will they be?

Well for sure they will not be accountants and lawyers!

Think of who you are and who your friends are.

To survive we will need people who are experts in the following fields:

Herbal Medicine
Leather Workers

All of what I have mentioned are trades that will help us survive, the final one is about how we rebuild civilisation.

I know it is Christmas and the greenies tell me to be politically correct, but I want a Range Rover Sport, purely and simply because it does 120mph, which I will need to get to the hills when the tidal wave comes!

Heyho have a lovely time!


  1. One excellent way for leaders to convince us that they are telling the truth would be to, uh, always tell the truth. In the internet/global community,a lie is found out in a flash.

    A good lawyer might help you when I steal your Range Rover Sport!!! ;)

  2. Thank you so much for the encouraging comment on my blog. As always I love your articles.


  3. Chris there won't be any, nor health and safety executives,human resource people,social workers,environmentalists,traffic wardens,shop assistants,television executives,reality tv shows,plumbers,pop stars,plastic surgeons,disc jockeys,salesmen or politicians.Sounds like heaven!

  4. I agree with Simon, include 'thought police' I hope they go first!