Monday, 7 December 2009


The Christmas season is rapidly approaching when we all should be thinking of family, friends and the happy times ahead.

However for many parents this time of the year can be very stressful as they consider the potential financial cost of the Season of Goodwill.

Retailers the World over manage to encourage children to want want want.

Parents do what they can to make Christmas a special time for their young ones, but sadly the focus is mainly on the fleeting happiness experienced through materialism.

Less and less do people in the developed World pay homage to the true meaning of this festival and as a result it has been usurped by commercialism.

Gone are the days when carollers would knock on your door and sing just for you, expecting a little charity to be distributed to the poor.

Even Christmas decorations are rarely symbolic of this most important Christian festival, they are more often than not ' thematic '.

The season of goodwill has turned into a feast of over indulgence where little time is given over to reflecting on those who will not be experiencing the joys of a family coming together.

Many Christians live in oppressive regimes, have little money to survive let alone celebrate Christmas in a material way.

However they will more likely express their spiritual feelings at this time.

So if you can, take a little time to think of those less fortunate than yourself and give a little charity when someone in need crosses your path.


  1. Your sentiments are beautiful, Simon, and something we should all keep in mind. The true meaning of Christmas has sadly been lost. Maybe if each of us reaches outto someone less fortuate, we can change the hype and materialism and bring back the spiritual message of this holiday.

  2. Hi Simons. Well, this is very much true. I have seen many friends here facing the same issue. They want to make this festival very special for their young ones, but the prices are just too high. Well, I am basically not a Christian. So have never thought about it. I agree with "askcherlock" though, The true meaning of Christmas has sadly been lost.

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  4. Simon, this is an outstanding post, no other words are needed.

  5. Your are so right, and we do so allow ourselves to become stressed trying to make it perfect (another concept created by retailers, I'm sure).

    Thanks for reminding me - we used to go carolling as kids, although I must admit it was for cookies for ourselves if I remember right :)