Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Happy Days

Some of you may have noticed, that of late my tone has been a little angry, my friend Al at Publish or Perish pointed this out to me yesterday, and he is right, time to lighten the mood I think.

Well folks this chap is going to be a Grandfather in the New Year,for the second time, my lass Justine has announced that she is expecting!

Wow! I hear you say,' but Simon you are far too young to be a Grandfather!'

Shocking as it may seem but this English hunk is 56 years old!

Yes I know, quite unbelievable isn't it!

The bairn will be born in the month of August and both Justine and her lad Michael are over the moon.

Isn't life wonderful.

Time I think for a pint!


  1. Congratulation!! It's great to have someone new to come into the family - I wish to have my own child soon!!

  2. Very nice. Congratulations, Simon!

  3. Congratulations, I think I'll have a pint too. ha ha.

  4. Thankyou folks,I'm a happy man!

  5. Congratulations Simon.... I think. At least your Justine waited until you were in your 50s. My Glenda decided I was to be a GF at 42, and they say that is the meaning of life, the universe and everything... Hpmf!


  6. Aye AV the philosophy of Douglas Adams is difficult to surpass