Monday, 14 December 2009

I am a Christian

Well there you have it, I've admitted that I follow the teachings of Jesus.

Today in modern Britain I am considered a stupid person who believes in some kind of fantasy.

Well sorry chaps but I view the teacher as a great man.

Being a Gnostic Christian I follow the Nazarenes where the path to God is found within one's self.

This is a life times endeavour to become one with the mind of God.

It is a personal journey that does not involve priests.

Fortunately other Gospels and writings have survived to support our beliefs and analysis of the New Testament has shown that Jesus was married and had children.

To Gnostic Christians we do not have a problem with the humanity of Jesus.

He was for us a teacher and we accept that he was human and not a God.

The Catholic Church has been a lie since it's existence and it knows the fact.

Since Constantine created the official Church as a political tool to control the Empire, the faith has been abused.

However Christians today are waking up to the origins of their faith and realising that the teachings of Jesus are not what have been presented for the last 1500 years.

At last his thoughts are being expressed in their original form.


  1. Hi Simon,

    I'm curious about the other Gospels you mention.

    I am aware of the Gospel of Thomas (and have read it)
    I have heard of fragmentary Gospels of Magdalene and Judas but haven't taken the time to hunt them out.
    Are there others I simply am unaware of?

  2. The Gospels of Truth,Philip and Peter.See also Pistis Sophia.Historical writings by Josephus.Whilst anti-gnostic much can also be gleaned from the writings of Irenaus,Bishop of Lyon and Clement of Alexandria.Also Origen to name but a few.