Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Destruction of Freedom

This is not simply a trait of Britain, it is happening all over the so called advanced world.

The pernicious nature of it is driven by both politicians and unelected government officials.

It covers every facet of your life, from your religious beliefs, who you vote for, whether you drink alcohol or not, smoke, drive a car, own your own home, want to wave a flag outside your house, how you bring up your children, go hunting, believe in aliens, eat meat, support your local fishing community, express a view that uncontrolled immigration is a bad thing, global warming is created by humans, health and safety!

On a personal level I have experienced the change in policing, when making a complaint about anti-social behaviour, the coppers don't accept what you say, noise is acceptable because the law now says people have to smoke outside a pub because of health and safety.

The time has come to name the individuals who create these laws and those who gain from implementing them.

They must suffer the consequences of a reduction in freedom. They must also lose their jobs!

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  1. I love your point of view!
    I just read the entire thing in the british accent that i fabricated in my head... lol
    dude, who says "coppers"?

    fyi...i totally iagree with you!