Wednesday, 2 December 2009


And I don't mean the name of the Duke of Wellington's horse!

You will have read in the news about the latest climate change conference that is taking place in Copenhagen.

Scientists have been telling us for some time that we are experiencing Global Warming, and I think that is self evident from the odd weather that we all know is affecting our World.

However I am not one of those who blindly follows the mantra of science.

A little reading and a little education will show you that the planet has experienced dramatic climate change in the past, long before industrialisation, motor cars and vast herds of farting cattle.

The 'green' industry will tell you that sea levels are going to rise and sink many cities and communities around the World.

What they fail to mention is that an increase in temperature will also result in an increase in evaporation, creating a higher humidity and rainfall.

So vast amounts of this extra moisture will be held in the atmosphere and end up being deposited in places that are currently starved of water.

On the one hand we have the developed World promoting this CO2 emissions mantra, primarily to put pressure on developing countries, by suggesting we monitor the production of all products, based on their carbon footprint,( a spurious form of measurement derived from biased and ill considered calculation.).

Then under developed countries sign up to this principal as a means to extract funds for so called sustainable development.

What we really have here is a post industrial methodology designed to maintain a status quo with regard to advanced economies, ensuring that the new technologies needed to combat the uncombatable are developed by sophisticated countries.

Green scientists are the new priesthood and to question what they say amounts to nothing less than heresy, after all they know, don't they, they went to University and who are we to criticise their findings?

So their mantras are promoted around the World by politicians and pop stars whizzing around in executive jets, travelling in limos and living in huge houses.

Perhaps the public will start to believe what we are being told, when those who promote it start living in a more environmentally friendly way.

For me, as a man who has worked with nature as a plantsman, certainly I see changes, but you would be amazed at how rapidly nature adapts to conditions.

Humanity is beginning to realise that the age of enlightenment is coming to an end and we will revert back to living in tune with nature.

The dinosaurs of our age are scientists who still believe they can change the World by manipulation.

Stop worrying and adapt, the Great Architect of the Universe created our home, which has seen many changes and it will see many more before our Sun becomes a Red Dwarf!


  1. First off thanks for the good review of my blog! Secondly, this is a really well written, thoughtful and interesting "take" on global warming. I'm now a follower!

  2. Good article. Well this is something we all have to read about. Global warming is a major issue and every individual should contribute to prevent it.
    Time to say something stupid -
    "Experts say this global warming is serious, and they are predicting now that by the year 2050, we will be out of party ice."

  3. I hope you are wrong about a conspiracy against the developing countries.

  4. Someone should tell these climate priests about the medieval warm period. let's just hope that this 'green economy' does not get up and running. It's pretty clear that carbon trading is just the continuation of the casino economy, except this time we will be footing the bill.