Monday, 21 December 2009

Child of the Sixties

This is a subject that my kids find totally tedious.

The nostalgia that surrounds the 1960's.

OK it was a great time, music, fashion, opinion, design, cars were all revolutionary.

Some months back I joined a hippy forum, just to see how it would develop and I was deeply disappointed.

The members turned out to be folks who were living in the past when it came to all of the above, with the exception of radical thinking, where they seemed to me to be as conservative as the generation they rebelled against.

I still pick up the posts and they sound like a bunch of old duffers who can't move on.

They go on about the anti-social aspects of smoking and drinking but will tell you how many joints they smoked at the weekend.

I think my kids are right, whilst I love the music from that time, it is foolish to live your life in the past, you just end up narrow minded and age that much faster.

My generation now rules the World and have been systematically removing the freedoms they campaigned for!

I think I'll go and live in Tristan da Cunha!

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