Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gordon Brown

This post may not mean much to you if you are fortunate enough not to be a Briton.

Currently we have an unelected Prime Minister who thinks the way to solve economic problems is to spend borrowed money.

We are now in a position where 65% of GDP is created by the public sector, which basically means we are in the fertiliser.

Our beloved leader who seems to me to have had a personality by-pass, has put Britons in a position where it could take twenty years to pay off the national debt.

When he and his chum the Holy Tony came to power, we did not have a national debt!

What may you ask have they spent the money on?

The simplest way of answering this question is to start at where they haven't spent it.

The transport system could best be described as Pre-Christian.

The military are fighting with bows and arrows.

Christianity is virtually criminalised.

Law and Order has become politically correct and thus requires little Government expenditure because to prosecute criminals is to oppress the poor.

Our beloved Prime Minister has created the biggest national debt in the history of Britain.

Most of this money has gone to pay for quangos, political schemes , local politicians and institutions that will happily continue to promote the Labour Movement.

We now have a system where senior civil servants are paid massive salaries and given incredible bonuses for performance.

Excuse me but why should tax payers money be used to make these idiots wealthy?

Our nation is in trauma and I could see a civil war, unheard of since Cromwell.

If this should happen, it is a major threat to the rest of the World.

To prevent it happening the major powers should force Britain to revert to it's historical roots of freedom.

Not even America can afford for this country to fall apart.

Our current PM is an enemy of liberty and must be removed.


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  2. As I was saying, Here in America we have a thing called "fiat money" it is not really worth the paper it is printed on, but they can crank it out by the billions. Marvelous stuff, you can sodomize the whole world with it.

  3. Be careful Walt,the new order may require sodomy to be compulsory!