Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nudity and Civilisation

This post may upset some of my readers, but nevertheless I feel the need to state my views.

There are certain things going on in our World that are pernicious and need to be addressed.

Two types of violence are polluting our children. One is obvious and that is the glorification of weaponry and the other is on-line porn.

Both these demean us as humans.

It should be noted that the biggest purveyors of both these corruptions are The United States of America.

Under the US Constitution these systems are protected, firstly the right to bare arms and secondly the right of free speech.

Why do Senators and Congressmen continue to permit this filth to be exported around the World?

The answer is quite simple, money.

America makes billions of dollars every year from the propagation of the sale of weapons and porn.

Both products degrade humanity and lose America, respect in the World.

Huge corporations such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and others, choose to avoid their moral responsibility to society.

The Bill Gates Foundation may spend millions helping poorer countries, but do nothing to prevent the moral collapse in the West.

This is sinister in the extreme.

Secular society says that we should never have censorship, but there are certain subjects where it is in the public interest.

I think most people would prefer that their children were not exposed to either violence or porn in a way that suggests it's normal behaviour.

I titled the post Nudity and Civilisation, for me to pick up a paper and find a half naked girl in it, has got to the point of being tiresome.

She will be admired for nothing more than her body.

This obsession with the body beautiful has become idiotic and the effect on our society means that we think of nothing less than how pretty we are!

The time has come when we say no!

If we do not our civilisation will collapse.


  1. I think nudity will not cause civilization to collapse. Sexualized nudity, i.e. promiscuity will.

  2. America as we know it will not stand for much longer, it is seething with corruption from the top down, and is on its last legs. But unlike the Soviet Union, those in power know they ave committed crimes against humanity, and so like Nazis will not give up without a bloody fight to the last man. As America goes to war with itself; what worries me the most are all those nuclear biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction. As a nation we love to kill, and to understand my fear all you have to do is look at our bloody history! From the genocide of the American Indian, to Lincoln's horrendous war of attrition against the Southern States. May God have mercy on us. I wish I had a place to run to, I do not want to take part in the dark nightmare to come.

  3. May God have mercy on us.Some of the right wing american blogs I have run across are deeply disturbing.They express a hatred which is comparable with the days of the inquisition and we all know what they achieved.

  4. We all know who don't mind stripping our mothers and daughters down just for their own financial profit. It is high time people realized the gravity of such money-grabbing fanatics.