Thursday, 3 September 2009

Human Rights

We live in a world where our politicians consider us as nothing more than voting fodder to get them re-elected.In the UK we have become privy to their excesses.Voting themselves pay rises,abusing expense claims,giving themselves honours and so forth.Times must change! They wish our young men and women to go to Afghanistan to fight,not for us,but to justify their existence.Let us say this,every MP must spend six months in the front line,whilst our young men are there.
Let us say this that every pen pusher in the civil service goes to Afghanistan,in the front line,so that they may understand the requirements of our forces.Lets make sure our soldiers do not pay tax whilst on active duty abroad.
Lets make sure that every army vehicle destined for the frontline in wars is personally tested by the civil servants who sign the cheques.Lets make sure that compensation for soldiers damaged in the fighting is paid for by civil service unions.
Then and only then we may find that our soldiers are properly paid,given equipment that works and are compensated for their service to our country.
At the present time I consider our politicians,civil servants and others in the public sector who earn more than our soldiers as war criminals!

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  1. I sympathize with your frustration that frequently people are making decisions about matters, which directly affect the lives of others, that they know nothings about. War criminals is a powerful statement-But everyone is entitled to their opinion.