Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Dick Watch

Today is Saturday and I have decided to be a little whimsical and lighten the mood a touch.In the technology pages of some journals at present,they are predicting the demise of the wrist watch,due to the advent of wrist cellphones.Personally I think people will look rather ridiculous talking to their wrists and they will soon tire of passersby shouting 'beam me up Scottie!'
I have therefore come up with a counter measure initially for guys (further work will have to be done to create a similar device for the ladies.)using existing Swiss technology,to create the very latest in must have gadgetry.Yes you've guessed it!The Dick Watch!
A stylish device designed to be attached to the man's member.In future when a man says he's going to the bathroom,you will know he is simply going to check the time or synchronise watches with his chums!
I can see new lines in chat up coming out of this innovative new product.'I've just bought a new Tag Heuer,would you care to see it?'Obviously it will be a little difficult to provide an answer if someone stops you in the street and asks the time and you won't be able to use it as a phone,but as with every new gadget there are downsides.
So whats the difference between the wrist cellphone and the Dick Watch,not much they're both for pricks!


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  2. Great stuff. The dick watch LMAO!!!

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