Tuesday, 15 September 2009

200th Anniversary of the Birth of Darwin

This year sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin and 150 years since the publication of The Origin of Species.A book which still enrages certain sections of the World community,bringing about the dominance of science in Western thinking.There are as you know two main schools of thought,on the one hand the evolutionists(science)and on the other the creationists(those of faith).
Until recently there was not seen to be a grey area and indeed with the extremes in both camps there is still not.However things may be changing,with the advent of more open minded scientists and the more moderate followers of faith.
Please consider this:
1.At the present time a team of some of the Worlds finest mathematicians and physicists are analysing what they believe to be incredibly complex codes,to be found in the Torah(First five books of the Bible).It is believed that these codes are so complex that they could not possibly have been conceived by a human mind.Some of these scientists have been so awed by their discoveries that they have become devout Jews.
2.Other scientists during the course of studying Quantum Mechanics have discovered that minute particles may be moved by human thought.
3.On the religious side of things,these discoveries do not surprise those who follow Esoteric thought,whether they be Gnostics,Sufis,Buddhists,Hindus or Zoroastrians.
4.Recent studies of Shamen across the Globe have shown that they use various methods to access other dimensions,primarily for the purposes of healing and medicine,but also to gain knowledge of plants and animals.
What does all this tell us?Well obviously taking extreme positions on any subject is pointless,but more importantly we may be moving closer to our spiritual roots.At present much is hidden from us by both science and faith although the time is dawning when I believe there will be an avalanche of revelations,which will bring the peoples of the World together.
For me December 2012 will be an exciting time.

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