Thursday, 24 September 2009

Listening to Trees

How often have you stood on a windy day and just listened to the sound in the trees?It has a wonderful calming influence and makes you appreciate these beautiful life forms.
Now an English artist has taken his own passion for trees a step further by creating a device that allows you to listen to what is actually happening inside the tree.
This non-invasive device magnifies the sound of water travelling from the roots to the leaves by a factor of 300.
In the process you can hear pumping through the trunk as like a heartbeat with a deep rumbling in the background as the tree responds to a breeze.
Currently he has an installation at Westonbirt Arboretum in County Durham and he says,"The aim of the installation is to allow people to appreciate what happens inside a tree and to change their perception of a tree as being a static architectural object,to a living entity that is constantly changing".
Wouldn't it be great if this device could be mass produced,so that on our weekends we could all go tree listening!


  1. Interesting about the device to listen to the inside of a tree; I'd be interested to listen once for sure, not so sure about regularly!

    But I delight in the sound of the wind in the trees. I've told John (husband) that the wind in the pines is what I call the sound of Wrightwood, the town we where we live. I've never lived anywhere before here where I can hear that sound so clearly.

  2. Yes Tracy there is something very magical about it.

  3. This sounds really cool!! I would love to try it just once.

    The wind often reminds me of God in that I can't see it but I can hear it. I can't touch it, but I can feel it.

    On a hot summer day, there is nothing more pleasant than a cool breeze touching you. It is like God is touching your face.

    I will have to relate this to my science addict husband!

  4. I love nature, mountains and trees. I also like hearing rushing water, the wind and trees. Tis is indeed an interesting device.