Monday, 7 September 2009

Healthcare in America

President Obama,just back from his holidays faces a stern test in his resolve to improve healthcare for Americans.He seems to be experiencing much difficulty with an issue that doesn't even figure in most industrialised countries.He was elected on a mandate to provide free healthcare,so why in this democracy do those who lost the election continue to resist what the majority of Americans want?The answer can only be self interest amongst organisations who stand to lose by this major change.The obvious ones will be medical insurance companies and other businesses that benefit from the current state of affairs.
But look beyond this.American taxes will be diverted from other areas of government,such as weapons expenditure,which as we all know has a huge budget.Senators and Congressmen and Women need to stand firm and support the President in what is a fundamental issue.
We in the UK have enjoyed free universal healthcare since the Second World War,life expectancy here is higher than in the States.Why should people have the added worry of financial ruin when they are sick?
If the military industrial complex has to suffer,well so be it.Human healthcare is much better than human warfare!

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