Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pollution in LA

Well Saturday is here again,so I intend being a little whimsical again!I have recently reviewed a site of a guy in Los Angeles who makes his living organising peoples lives.This includes anything from the contents of your wardrobe,kitchen cupboards,your diary and your day to day life.I struggle to find anything more boring and pointless to waste your money and time on!
But we are talking about LA here,a city that does not live in the real world;a place where trickle down economics starts with Movie Moguls and Actors,earning rather large sums of money for entertaining us.Don't get me wrong the silver screen has been a haven for ordinary folk,to be able to forget their worries for a couple of hours.
However there is as you know a whole host of people living off this industry,from PR Gurus,Plastic Surgeons,Life Organisers,Spiritual Guides,Personal Trainers et al.
It got me thinking about pollution in cemeteries;well think about it!
Archaeologists in 1000 years time will be digging up the graves of LA residents and besides the expected skeletons they will discover toxins like botox,these curious silicone sachets,toupees and teeth that shine in the dark!
So when your favourite movie star lectures you on saving the planet,tell them to get cremated!


  1. Keep on writin' my friend. Your views
    deserve to be heard.

  2. Interesting post! Great points too..makes one think!