Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Earth Crust Displacement Theory

We have all heard of various catastrophe theories,from the extinction of the dinosaurs to the biblical flood.
In 1958 an American Professor of History published a tome on the Theory of Earth Crust Displacement,which was greeted by the geological world with a spontaneous burst of indifference.
After all Prof.Hapgood was an historian,not a geologist,so how dare he impinge on another discipline!
Nevertheless I will outline the basis of the theory before you all fall asleep.
In essence what the good professor suggests is that at some time around 10,000 BC the lithosphere shifted as one mass,instantaneously,by a margin of 30 degrees.
Wow,I hear you say,but where is the evidence to suggest that such a cataclysm occurred;in this brief item I will highlight one example.
Evidence has been found in Siberia where significant quantities of mammoth carcasses have been discovered,seemingly instantly frozen.Some even remain in a standing position and the contents of both their mouths and stomachs show their diet was a mixture of plants only to be found in temperate zones.Today these zones are located much further to the south.
To freeze a beast the size of a mammoth instantly would tend to lend creedence to Professor Hapgoods theory.Couple this with global myths of deluges and the curious fact that ancient civilisations in the Indus Valley,Sumeria and Egypt seem to have suddenly appeared fully formed,rather than over a long period of development;
one must come to the conclusion that such myths as Atlantis,may have some basis in truth.The argument being that sophisticated civilisations may have existed in pre-history,but were destroyed in a major global catastrophe,remnants of which survived to build new cultures.
Now just to cheer you up,Global Warming is seeing a rapid decline in the size of the polar ice caps,indeed at such a rate that there is a possibility that the reduction in pressure on the Earth's Crust,caused by this,may result in a repeat of the events of 10,000 BC.
So in the final analysis,if God suggests you build an Ark,It might be a good idea to take his advice!

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