Friday, 18 September 2009

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

We all take for granted the fact that we have web-sites,blogs and any amount of email addresses.Just think back,prior to 1990 we had none of this,unless of course you were part of NATO or the CIA.
Today we can create a blog in less than five minutes and start expressing ourselves to people across the globe.Just step back a moment and think about that.You as an individual now have the power to talk to millions,and nobody can stop you!
You can talk on pretty much any subject you choose,add pictures and videos,download others thoughts and all for nothing!
How did all this happen in such a short space of time?Many of you will not be aware of Sir Tim Berners-Lee,but he created The Worldwide Web and we owe it all to him,a 54 year old Englishman,educated at Oxford University.
Sir Tim has empowered us all,thankyou.


  1. I agree! One of the most revolutionary scientific contribution in the history. Thanks for the reminder :-)

  2. There was a recent celebraty competition made on a popular radio station in Windhoek (Namibia) where I live. They asked who was the guy who started the www in a round about way. Nobody got the answer (we tried to phone in but didn't get through.) But it took a few days before someone got it right. The point is, Sir Tim Berners-Lee is owed a great thanks by the millions of web users. He is, of course, still actively involved in shaping the world wide web even today.