Monday, 14 September 2009

Robert Mugabe

Yesterday I reviewed a site hosted by an embattled Zimbabwean.For obvious reasons he remains anonymous.Usually we receive news from this country via Western media which has to operate undercover because old Bob for some reason doesn't like them!Now there's a surprise.When the old coot took over he inherited an economy that was refered to as 'the bread basket of Africa'.Sadly this lunatic has turned it into 'the basket case of Africa'.He promotes racism to excuse his atrocities and has evicted farmers purely because they are white,and where have they gone?To Nigeria which has welcomed them with open arms.
While he continues to remain in power his people will continue to die through disease,malnutrition and the assaults of his so called security services.He and his cronies have appropriated assets and what is left of the economy is diverted into their pockets and into those who prop him up.
No doubt his security forces will be desperately trying to locate the blogger who is risking his life by posting details of the situation in the country.
The only hope for the people of Zimbabwe is that Old Bob will not be long for this world and then the edifice will collapse like a pack of cards.


  1. You're right - the situation in Zimbabwe is tragic.

  2. I admire that blogger yet afraid for his life...

    Sad for Zimbabwe....