Monday, 7 September 2009

Group 13

Hi Guys,

During the course of my internet day,I have run across something,which to say the least is a little alarming.I was investigating a little known trans-atlantic secret society called The Pilgrim Society.Set up in 1902 to promote a re-unification between Great Britain and the USA.From it's inception the great and the powerful of America and Britain were involved,and they still are today!
But what really alarmed me was to discover their association with a shadowy organisation called Group 13.To put it bluntly this is an assassination squad made up of ex-SAS guys who work both sides of the Atlantic removing politicians and businessmen who for whatever reason do not agree with the aims of the Anglo-American establishment.There is only one mention of this organisation on Google on what is called a cached site.I could find no other reference.
What alarms me about this organisation more than anything are the masters pulling the strings.Much information is available on past members of The Pilgrim Society and the profile of current members will not be much different.Their history to date would suggest that they have no love for the new President's administration.Their association with Group 13 also suggest that they will stop at nothing to achieve whatever it is they see as they're aims!


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  2. Now, this is really interesting... I haven't heard of this before.....
    Many groups in different countries was established because of having differing principles..
    The idealism is good, but what makes it bad was how they want to make it happen....bloody.

    Hope you could more reference about this topic..

    BTW, I would also like to thank you for your comments about my site, it's overwhelming...


  3. Interesting....definitely not something I'd ever heard of previously.