Friday, 28 August 2009

Newspapers,Truth and All That

I don't know if you have notice the increasing pointlessness of newspapers.Even the so called heavy weights today fill their pages with celebrity gossip.What purports to be news amounts to little more than press releases by governments,agencies and major corporates.
Investigative journalism is diminishing as Editors seek to pander to their proprietors.Can one ever imagine The Times publishing an investigative report on the Murdoch Empire?
Reports on the state of our present government hardly amount to great journalism since the culprits have been so blatant that it has been difficult to miss.
Sadly Newspaper Editors are part of the pervasive modern culture that lionises some idiot because he can kick a football!
Without strong journalism the very roots of democracy are under threat.I call upon proprietors to stand for freedom and effectively police our democracies and root out greed,corruption and sychophancy!

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