Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Le Petomane

I know it isn't Saturday when the whimsical muse usually takes me,but I thought you might be amused by this item on Joseph Pujol.
In Victorian times France had a reputation for the risque and down right weird,this item comes under that heading.
Joseph Pujol was born in Marseille,the son of a stonemason and at a very early age he discovered he had the strange ability to fart at will!
Local Doctors advised that he had an abnormal ability to control his stomach muscles allowing him to effectively inhale air through his anus.
Whilst in the military he used this rather unusual talent to entertain his comrades in the barracks and upon release from military service began a career in the French entertainment industry,which at the time welcomed acts with a difference!
After touring the provinces he finally appeared at the famous Moulin Rouge for the first time in 1892.
Stage highlights included playing O Sole Mio and La Marseillaise through his bottom causing catatonic fits of giggles amongst the audience.Indeed the theatre management employed nurses in the auditorium to attend to ladies who had collapsed as a result of laughing whilst wearing tight corsets!
His many fans included King Leopold II of Belgium,Edward Prince of Wales and Sigmund Freud.The literal English translation of Le Petomane(his stage name)is The Fartmaniac!
Imagine how the Environmentalists would react today to this emitter of green house gases!


  1. Oh... hahaha.. that is just like that guy on Howard Stern... That's hilarious. I can just see the corseted ladies.

  2. Definitely some story.

    I'm reminded of not too long ago when my youngest son (age 15) was on the computer and called me over to show me something. He was watching a show entitled "Britain's got talent" and one of the acts had a "performing flatulist" who had an act similar to the one you describe - only the song he produced was "Those daring young men on the flying trampeeze". It was one of those things that you found yourself both embarrassed and amused by simultaneously.

  3. That's great, I can just imagine this in Victorian times when history records everybody being so proper.

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