Sunday, 11 October 2009

What is a Knighthood?

Indeed what is a knighthood?In today's World they are dished out to Civil Servants,Politicians,Business People,Pop Stars,Scientists,Actors and Sports Personalities.

They are an anachronism of the past!

Francis Drake was knighted by Elizabeth I for stealing treasure from the Spanish,let's be honest whilst still a schoolboy hero of mine,he was a pirate!

Isaac Newton was knighted because an apple fell on his head,ok, he was a very clever man,who amongst other things discovered gravity.I bet most of you didn't know that throughout his life he was a practising alchemist!

It gets even worse,today a shopkeeper,Stuart Rose gets a knighthood because he runs Marks and Spencer.Now don't get me wrong,nice underwear,but does it warrant a knighthood?

The value of this honour has become absurd!

Probably the most important Englishman who ever lived,in terms of a contribution to World culture,never received a knighthood.

William Shakespeare.


  1. haha! Nice underwear, but... When I lived in the UK 300 years ago, that's where I went to get my undies. Little did I know that my undies were made by a knight. sigh.

  2. Interesting. I usually think of things like King Arthur when I hear the word Knight.

  3. Yes, when I think of Knights I think of nobility and chivalry, not underwear and pirates. Maybe if I ever get over there I'll drop in and see if I can become a Knight. LOL

  4. A good post. I liked the 'underwear' part of it.