Sunday, 11 October 2009

An Important Invention of the Twentieth Century

A provocative title you may think;an important invention of the twentieth century.You may wonder is he talking about penicillin,the cantilever brassiere or nuclear fission?

No,the humble tea bag!

As a boy I always enjoyed the taste of tea,but my dear old mum,God rest her,used loose tea without a tea strainer so I usually ended up with a mouthful of tea leaves,not nice!

Then miraculously the tea bag arrived on the scene in the nineteen sixties and I've never looked back.

An old remedy in England for whatever ails you is a nice cup of tea.

Mr Chamberlain the Germans are about to invade!Have a nice cup of tea sir,you'll feel much better.

You are about to be summarily executed by firing squad,never mind,have a nice cup of tea first,there that wasn't so bad was it?


  1. My departed Mum-in-law was from England. When I married my husband she taught me the "tea ceremony" which was and is and integral part of our family. Once I had mastered the ceremony and the realization that is is one of the ties that bind the family together, Mum and I had a wonderful and loving relationship. Never underestimate the power of tea!

  2. Indeed dear Lady,your mother-in-law taught you well.

  3. Yes, many of my best childhood memories circle around drinking a cup of tea. It made my throat feel better when I was ill and made me feel all grown up to sit at the table and enjoy a cup of tea with the adults. I still enjoy a cup of tea in the morning as I sit on my balcony and listen to the bird's morning song. I also like to drink a cup at night after my meal. Who am I kidding I love to drink tea most anytime. Not to mention the health benefits of tea. It has antioxidants in it which are very good for our bodies. Mmm Tea, I think I'll go make a cup. Thanks for the memories.

  4. I thought you drank coffee in the colonies?