Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Old Books

For those of you who have read my various posts,you will know that my interests spread far and wide.

I've just been looking at some old books of mine that haven't seen the light of day for nearly 30 years,and I came across Folk Song in England by A.L.Lloyd,first published in 1967.

An interest in folk song stems from my deep interest in history and a love of traditional forms of music.The folk song,from whatever country it comes from,tells you a story about real people and the social events that governed their lives,their priorities and beliefs.

In England it was often a vehicle to express oppression by landlords,masters and the law.But it was also a way of letting off steam and being a little risque.

I give you the words of a song collected from the Wigan area of Lancashire;the song is thought to be from the early nineteenth century and is evocative of the feelings of a young working class girl during the Industrial Revolution.

My mother sent me for some water,
For some water for my tea.
My foot slipped and down I tumbled.
Collier lad gat hold of me.

Collier lads get gold and silver.
Factory lads get nobbut brass.
Who'd get married to a two-loom weaver
When there's plenty of collier lads?

Times don't change much do they?Only lasses today want a footballer!

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