Friday, 16 October 2009

The Plantsman

Well it's time for a more whimsical post.

Prior to quasi retirement I was a professional gardener,managing two gardens in the south of England.One site in Hawkhurst,Kent, and the other Wadhurst Castle in East Sussex.

This was a poorly paid profession,but immensely satisfying.

My employers were in both cases wealthy lawyers working in London.One had a garden that was three acres and the other had a patch that was eleven acres.

My expertise is not in landscaping,but in planting.

I can cheerfully remember creating planting schemes which gave me great pleasure,not only in advising my masters,but also in the outcome.

Since a boy, I have always had a passion for plants and nature and you grow up understanding the landscape.

We sadly live in a World where the value of a lawyer's opinion is more important than a man who understands nature.

If we were to have a major disaster, that meant we went back to a simpler way of life,Where would the lawyers be?

I suggest nowhere,my former employers were completely oblivious of nature and just assumed I provided the outcome.


  1. I like it! I like what you write about, & how you write. Great blog.

    George Polley (aka Jorge Tostada)
    Sapporo, Japan

  2. They would probably be trying to sue the government for allowing the disaster to happen. LOL I use to enjoy gardening when I had a garden. I don't think I could manage the acreage you have though. The few little rows in my backyard was plenty for me to handle. Hope you have a nice weekend.