Monday, 19 October 2009

Well I've Got Nothing to Wear!

This is one for the chaps.

How often gentlemen in your lives has a friend and his partner invited you round for supper? Quite often I suspect.

Great,you think,I can't wait to get home and tell 'she who must be obeyed', the good news! What could be better than a convivial night,with friends over a good meal,and apart from taking a decent bottle of wine it's gonna be free!

Then you get home, and your dear lady greets this marvellous news with,'well I've got nothing to wear!'.

Your mind instantly goes to the house extension you had to build to accommodate her wardrobe!

'Well are we going or not?,I hear you say.'You've said yes,so we'll have to!' the great lady says.'But i'll need a new outfit!'.

So off we go to John Lewis for a new frock. Two hundred and fifty quid later she says,'I'll need some new shoes and a bag to go with them.'

By this stage you could cheerfully murder your pal for the invite!

Thus a free night out costs the better part of four hundred quid,but the lady is happy and I am now planning an extension to the extension.

Sexist unfeeling,inconsiderate git! I hear the ladies say................


  1. I'm different than most women. When I say I've got nothing to wear, it simply means I've got nothing that fit this body. I wear uniforms to work. So, I never really check the clothes in my wardrobe till it's time to wear something. I wish I have a man who'd spend 400 quids on me just like that. Haha.

  2. I've got truck loads of clothes, but when its time to dress up, I just can't put anything together. Ugh!

  3. I had to chuckle at this. I have had this same conversation numerous times with my hubs. Now he just rolls his eyes and says, "See you in a couple of hours." This is done as he is handing over his wallet:)

  4. And just why would any sane person turn down an opportunity to buy clothes! That's one of the reasons dinner invitations were invented. :)

  5. That give me a laugh. Ladies (I hope I don't sound so general), if there is one thing in common with us, that is our passion for dress and to dress.