Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Good Things Do Happen!

Over the last year or so,the indigenous Yahua people of the Peruvian Amazon jungle have been collectively fighting the Government.


The Congress had voted through a series of laws that would enable foreign companies to exploit the natural resources of six provinces in Peru,primarily jungle and inhabited by native peoples.

What Congress didn't bargain for,was the reaction of the Tribes.Today these local people are all connected via two way radio.

The people formed The Amazon Indian Federation and blocked roads and rivers in the provinces,which resulted in the Government sending in armed police to disperse their protests.

The Indians were clearly having none of this and violence erupted,with the outcome that 34 people,including 20 policemen lost their lives.

The result of this conflict caused a diplomatic incident with their neighbours,Bolivia, as Presidente Evo Morales sided with the Indians.

I am however happy to report that the Peruvian Congress has seen sense and voted to repeal two laws at the heart of the protest.

Daysi Zapata,Vice Presidente of The Indian Federation has stated that they are pleased with the result and will now call off the blockades.

We in the developed World must learn to temper our lust for material objects which require raw materials from the few unspoilt areas of the Planet,that are still left.

Spiritually we may also learn from the Yahua how best to live with nature,they are a far more valuable resource than any mineral.


  1. This is just one incidence. South America is plagued by the first world's need for material advancement to the cost of many. Evo Morales is an idiot, but he has some good points. I have lived in both Bolivia and Peru, at the moment in Brazil, so i get to see a lot that doesn't seep out into first world news.


  2. I would be very interested to hear whats going on.Kind regards.Simon