Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hairy Hats

What is it about men who wear toupees?How sad is that!If you have lost your hair or are losing it,why not just accept the fact and keep it short!

You can see the join;the colour never matches and in high winds mate,you are in the shit!

The other one of course is the comb over!

Now come on,who do you think you are kidding!

Nobody has a parting that starts by the left ear!

Donald Trump you are a multimillionaire.........visit the barber!

Just get a hair cut boys,you ain't sex on legs!


  1. I have to agree in principle. But I am just starting to get a bit of thinning on top and I must say it feels more of a tragedy than I thought it would.

    You missed one category, the guys who compensate by growing a ponytail.

  2. Put it this way, as a woman if I were to lose my hair like that... omg, that would be a tragedy, I think it would be even worse than having to deal with cellulite! I mean, there is some cool wigs out there but having to wear one because you have no choice... mind you, Sinead O'connor looked great bald as well as Vin Diesel looks good...
    So in a way I can understand... but a toupee looks silly especially when it is so obvious!
    On the other hand they do give us a good laugh sometimes (not trying to offend anyone here).

  3. Nice post, and an under-discussed topic, at least on this side of things. I can't help but laugh everytime I see an advertisement for some kind of miraculous hair restoration. I've just never personally understood it. I think my hairline may be receding a bit, and if it turns out I'm right, great! I'll just shave it all off and enjoy a little less daily maintenance.

  4. LOL My hairline is receding a little and I am sure as time goes by it will continue but I just can't see wasting my money on this. I am what I am. The people that love me don't care so why should it matter.

  5. I think growing old gracefully is something few people manage to do and they are the ones who truly come across!

  6. Exactly Sadia,why live in a fools paradise?