Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mobile Telephones

Depending on the part of the World you are from,they are either Mobile Telephones or Cellphones and they are a part of every day life for millions of people.

Until recently I had one,pretty much from their inception as one of the tools of my working career and have seen them reduce in size and become ever more complex in terms of functionality.

Those of you who have read my profile will know that I am not in the first flush of youth and as a consequence not overly obsessed with technology.

My old Nokia having given me loyal and faithful service for many years,finally died three months ago and being a dutiful environmentalist I sent it away for re-cycling,receiving £27 for my trouble.

I have now been without a mobile for three months and feel totally liberated!

I no longer receive incomprehensible texts from people using idiotic dehumanising predictive texting.

I no longer have pointless conversations with people I am going to see in five minutes time.

I can enjoy a pint in my local pub without the bloody thing going off!

So ladies and gentlemen I have come to the conclusion that these objects are certainly irrelevant in my life and I suspect the same applies to the vast majority of people in the World.

Freedom is at hand,join this old dinosaur and liberate yourself today and no longer need you answer your phone to listen to some buffoon asking 'where are you?'.


  1. Good to know that someone else besides me have similar feelings for these mobile/cell phones. I dropped mine somewhere on the road about 3/4 months ago and realized I was mobile-free after returning home! Since then, I've never looked back.... I'm still mobile-free and do not intend to get another one. Great feeling :) Although, I'm very much into computers/programming etc., since 1992, but cell phones and me have somehow been incompatible right from day one and the day I lost my cell-phone was the beginning of a new day for me :)

  2. Welcome to my world. I agree 100%. I have not carried a cell phone for two years now and it is wonderful not having to be tied down. I am usually at home anyway and if someone wants to reach me they can. The other thing I did away with is call waiting. I can't stand that thing beeping in my ear. I never switch over because it is rude to the caller I am already talking to so it is gone too. If I'm on the phone you will get that old fashion busy signal. Why? Because I'm busy. Love this article!

  3. I have one for emergencies. I only turn it on when I'm away from home and need to make a call... not while driving though.