Sunday, 25 October 2009

Silver Fish

Yes I have to admit I have silver fish in my bathroom! A strange name for a creature that is neither a fish nor silver.

These little chaps come out at night, ferreting for tasty morsels no doubt.

We all think of personal hygiene and use a variety of horrendous chemicals in the home to keep the little beasties at bay.

They must have the constitution of Henry VIII, since they seem capable of consuming anything!

But let us look at it from their point of view.

These foraging expeditions must be, not only to feed themselves, but also their young, who are no doubt living under my floorboards, without paying rent!

These little chaps go about their business clearing up the minute particles on my bathroom floor that I cannot even see, thus helping me to maintain a tidy home.

Thats what I call wildlife in action!


  1. I hated them..they were all over my library of books and turned them into various shades of brown ..or did they?!! :)

  2. no1 will avoid them .They are part of the nature

  3. hello , thanks for such a beautiful comment , i agree that no government can keep their people away from awareness anymore.
    I agree about those silver fishes ,ya they help me keep corners of house tidy.

  4. I wonder how people wants to eradicate insects that God had created with purpose. Anyway, who am I to talk when I so hate cockroaches! :)