Monday, 19 October 2009


Today we live in a quasi-globalised society,if you believe the headlines and the pontifications of World Leaders.

To keep us all in check,these people need to have us living in fear.

Just consider some examples from the Twentieth Century,Kaiser Wilhelm II, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Ayatollah Khomeini, HIV, The Swinging Sixties, Pinochet, Nuclear Weapons, Terrorism and so it goes on and on.

The truth is that civilisation is but a veneer and our masters are those who truly live in fear,and thus they need to distract us from their psychotic need to control.

There is something fundamentally odd about an individual that needs to control others using fear as the tool.

Let us not forget that it is rarely individuals who have committed heinous crimes against humanity,who were not driven by some leader, who incited them in the first place.

The good news though,is that the internet has allowed people from all over the World to come together,in mutual support, for those that are oppressed.

This is forcing politicians to act in a way that was not possible before.

Consider some of the examples where ordinary people have had an affect.

The Yahua of Peru,overturning legislation that would affect their World, people in Iran using the technology to notify the World of their plight,the people of the UK who exposed the greed and corruption of MP's.

Yes there are still many areas,where we as individuals can do something to highlight an issue,however small it may appear,each step takes us nearer to being better human beings.


  1. Individuals, banded together, can have a tremendous effect for the cause of justice. Just think what Archbishop Desmond Tutu was able to achieve in S. Africa, and Barack Obama is achieving with Organizing for America. Another fine article, Simon.

  2. Thankyou George and yes indeed Desmond Tutu fits the bill rather well.