Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A Tribute to Charlie Simpson

Wherever you live in the World, you cannot have missed the heart rending stories coming out of Haiti, since the devastating earthquake hit that poor country.

Over 100,000 deaths and many thousands of people homeless and hungry.

The sheer lack of infrastructure, makes the task of helping the population that much harder.

Literally thousands of children have been orphaned and the tragedy continues, with the ever present fear of disease.

Many people have given generously of their time, expertise and money.

One lad in Fulham, West London, was so upset by what he saw on the television, he decided to do something about it.

Charlie Simpson set up a webpage saying he would do a five mile sponsored cycle ride around his local park, hoping to raise £500 for UNICEF.

The response was staggering, to date Charlie has raised £150,000!

He is seven years old.


  1. I saw a piece on the news about this young man today, Simon. "And a child shall lead them." He is an inspiration and a fine example to others his age. The out-pouring of global help for Haiti has been heart-warming. It makes one think we are not such a terrible world after all.

  2. awwww he is a brilliant kid.