Saturday, 9 January 2010

World Music

I have always had an open mind to music.

I guess that growing up in the sixties where you were exposed to new forms of music, whether it be blues, rock, folk or classical, must have had something to do with it.

Today, I will listen to anything, provided it has spirit.
For example tonight I am listening to a compilation called Buddha-Bar, music from all over the World that is played in a bar in Paris.

It is incredible music, Brazilian, Spanish, French, Arab and Indian.

In the West we miss out on the richness of other cultures.

Take some time out to listen to this wonderful musical heritage, it will blow you away!

We live in a wonderful World, with some incredible cultures, enjoy the amazing diversity of music that is available to us.

We are all human and we all have something to offer to this beautiful planet!

Isn't it great to be a human being!


  1. It is fantastic! We are amazing creatures.

  2. i agree!! :)
    we really DO live in a wonderful world-- we all should show more tolerance ot one another!

  3. I do love music...almost all types. And yes, it's a great time to be alive!