Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Rise of the Right

A conversation in my local pub recently encouraged me to investigate an organisation called The British National Party.

This political organisation expresses somewhat extreme views, but does so in a subtle way, designed to attract the disaffected in Britain.

What is alarming about them is the way they play on the fears of the working classes, just as the Nazis did in the 1920's.

On the surface their arguments sound plausible, excessive immigration, the danger of Islam, poor policing and the lack of discipline in schools.

Most people in the UK will find something to agree with on these issues, and most people would not consider themselves racists by having those thoughts.

This is the clever approach that this organisation uses, playing on people's worries.

The Nazis did exactly the same thing.

My concern is that Britain is in a political vacuum, caused by a Labour Party that has spent the last decade trying to politicise elements of society, which traditionally never were.

Now the civil service, police, health service and local authorities are more concerned with complying with politically motivated legislation, than ensuring the wellbeing of the communities they serve.

This has resulted in a backlash by those very communities, who see they're ability to control their lives, being removed.

The BNP have been clever in responding to this anger with simplistic statements about what they would do if they gained power.

Tories, Labour and The Liberals are too frightened to address the issues this party tackles and as a result they will lose seats at the next election.

The British people are not by definition extremists, but if the main parties fail to address issues that concern them, then they will suffer at the polls.

If one analyses the full manifesto of the BNP, you will see that it cannot work.

It talks of a repatriation programme of Muslims based on a commitment to non-interference in Muslim countries and British troops coming out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

At the moment because of the present concern over Islam, their focus is in that direction, but one wonders what their view of other non-white immigrants would be.

Labour has created a poor white dependent society, which they have always considered their core vote.

This group are the one's who experience the results of an uncontrolled immigration policy and feel alienated.

Poor whites are now flocking to the BNP in such numbers that this party may indeed win significant numbers of seats at the next election.

If this happens they will continue to promote policies that emphasise fear in the electorate, and their following will start to include the middle classes.

If this happens, the World will have it's first Facist Nuclear Power.

For Britain to become a facist state, would be a disaster for the entire World, but it might happen!

Excessive legislation and over 3000 new criminal offences created under Labour have brought the British people to the point of the unthinkable.

If the BNP were to announce a radical programme to repeal these laws, they would win a significant majority.

Scary but possible!


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how the masses buy into the "fear factor". Hubs and I were just discussing this. It would seem as though the "bully on the playground" has advanced to a larger venue.

    I hope that people come to their senses and see this for what it really is before it is too late to turn back.

  2. Timely post Simon.
    We must all remember Hitler was democratically elected.
    It is vital that political parties like the BNP are marginalised lest they end up in a position where they can use fear to get them over the line.
    We had a similar situation here with a party called One Nation. Fortunately once they had a few seats in Parliament they were revealed as incompetent and corrupt their support base quickly evaporated.

  3. As usual very interesting...

  4. I arrived here just surfing, but I think I’ll be coming back again from time to time.
    Congratulations on Your nice site and best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

  5. If some Brits think they're over-legislated now, wait until they have elected the BNP.

    Regarding re-patriation, what about the 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims who were born in Britain? (Not that re-patriating anyone is right, but the later generations' country of origin is Britain.)

  6. Sounds very much like America to me. As things continue to deteriorate, you will see a lot more of this in many nations around the world.
    No doubt the Communist will also revive themselves. Keep up the good work my friend.

  7. Simon,

    It's come to the point I can't listen to news on a daily basis anymore. 'My' USA sounds something like the Britain you're describing. Since we only cluster around two political parties, any new or odd or venturesome or reckless ideas show up inside one or the other of them.

    Sometimes that arises locally. Sometimes in dangerous ratios variously around the whole country. There's always plenty of money to fund crackpots here.

    Immigration clearly is a vulnerable issue, for the reasons you mention. People who are different are reluctant to give up the cultural attributes they were born into (language being a primary one, religion another).

    But they can't do without either work or some kind of gov't support. So they vie for jobs, usually at the lower, entry-levels, the least-skilled positions OR they get services based on budgetary allowances taken from funds contributed by employed people.

    Resentment? Sure.

    Those most affected are usually ones without a vision of 'the big picture', and the 'small' picture is simply "why don't they learn English" or "why do they insist on wearing that type of clothes" or "why don't they become more like us".

    Our Republicans, previously with a good-sized 'progressive' segment of clean-government, better civic community, fair capitalism people, now are dominated by the most selfish rich and reformation religious whackos.

    Re-patriation is similar to the American notion, hundreds of years old, of sending slaves back to Africa. Jefferson even thought that was the one somewhat good 'solution' to ending slavery.

    I'm telling you, buddy, the older I get, the more intractable traditions and biases come to seem.