Monday, 11 January 2010

The Blackbird

As long as you are not a shy retiring soul, The BlackbirdMemoirs are worth a visit.

Christina is an abrasive soul who doesn't take prisoners and her posts are often offensive to those of a delicate disposition.

However as an Englishman who has grown up in our native pub environment, she is a lass after my own heart and would be massively popular in England.

Her withering criticisms and social observations are some of the funniest writings I have come across.

Whilst crude at times, she is lucid and original in her thinking.

Her creative mind is astounding, just consider her idea of sitting in a mall and passing loud comment on the people who walk by.

This in itself is dangerous in a country where you have a right to carry arms and on top of this she lives in the South and she is Black!

This kind of natural talent is made for television and certainly I could see her running a TV show in the UK.

I am truly fond of this girl, she has something interesting to say and can express it through humour.

In my view Channel 4 in England, should hire her.

It's people like Christina who make a difference.


  1. Liked your site. I couldn't find a link to Black Bird Memoirs you are referring to!

  2. On your recommendation I would love to read it. What is her url?

    Take care, Simon.

  3. Simon I think you actually DESERVE my first born after a review like this! lol is my site!!
    Thanks guys!