Friday, 8 January 2010

The Toon

In todays Daily Mail, I picked up on a heart warming article by David Ginola ( pronounced Daveed), who played for the Toon (Newcastle United Football Club), in the 1990's.

David, a Frenchman, was a striker when Kevin Keegan was manager of the club at the height of it's time in the Premiership.

I remember being at St James's Park (home of the toon), when we had a home game against Manchester United, a team that was virtually unbeatable.

That day I witnessed the greatest game of football I have ever seen!

We beat them five nil!

The best goal of the match was scored by David, from forty yards out, he hit a shot that the ManU goalkeeper did not even see!

We are talking about the best goalkeeper in the Premiership at the time.

That day ManU were trounced and the ToonArmy went wild.

David in todays paper has announced that he is leaving his home town of St Tropez, to move back to Britain.

He says that his kids, who grew up here, want to come home.

As an Englishman I feel a little humble, that a Frenchman would prefer to live here, rather than in the slums of St Tropez!

He says many good things about our little island and perhaps this cantankerous old fart should desist from criticising Gordon's paradise.

You probably know me well enough that I will not do that, because I love this little island and it's strange people.

For a Frenchman to extol it's virtues chastises me somewhat!

Perhaps I should focus on Albions strengths rather than issues that are negative.


  1. You focus on whatever you'd like big daddy!
    Now in my world St. Tropez is like Jay-Z's hotspot, so why is it that you call it the slums??
    Ive never been, but im guessing its like Jamaica...the island is gorgeous, but once you step off of the ready for a gang fight where you will be robbed and left for dead!

  2. French praising English - hmm - Your response to just be graciously quiet is probably a good one. Probably won't ever happen again. :)