Saturday, 9 January 2010

My Kids

I am honoured to have two beautiful kids, who I am happy to say are my best friends.

Barry is 27 years old, with a little boy called Brooklyn who will be three this month and Justine is 22 years old and will have a baby in the summer.

They both think that their dad is an old fart who is living in the past, but no matter, we are very close.

For those of you who have young children, the good news is that you get closer to them when they get past their teens.

I can remember difficult times when they were going through that decade, but a dad fights for his bairns however stupid they might have been in the growing stage.

They would argue with me and resist my forthright comments on their behaviour, but they always knew that I was there for them, when they got into scrapes, which believe me they did!

As a result I have two beautiful children who are full of love and kindness for those around them.

I guess the lesson I have learned from bringing up kids is that we have no experience before the event, our own parents lived in a different time, so we had to judge our actions by instinct.

This will apply to those of you with young children, you just have to play it by ear and use your own gut feeling as to how you deal with the problems that will no doubt arise.

The only advice I can offer you is that you stand by them, even when they are complete tits!

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