Thursday, 7 January 2010

And Another Thing!

My regular readers will know that I can be somewhat tetchy and seriously pissed off with government interference in day to day life.

I am a life long cigarette smoker, I know don't tell me how dangerous my habit is, I know it!,but it is my choice in a free society.

Most western countries have instituted laws to prevent people smoking in public buildings and in Britain this includes pubs and working mens clubs.

If Winston Churchill was still alive, it would never happen in the UK.

The NHS estimates that it costs them £2.8 billion to deal with ailments that are smoking related,whilst the current tax take from smokers is of the order of £9 billion.

If Winston was alive he would simply say that this was not an issue for politicians, but simply a decision that should be made by pub landlords. Some would want smoking in their bars and others wouldn't.

This would satisfy the needs of the community, without the current fascist dictat.

Tell me does your own country interfere in your life in this way?


  1. Here in Oz the legislation varies by state.
    Most ban smoking inside pubs, clubs and restaurants etc.
    Queensland is the most extreme, Smoking is banned there anywhere food or drink is served. That includes beer-gardens and street cafes. Victoria has just banned smoking in cars if they contain children.

  2. I get so aggravated at these people! It varies from state to state here in the US. These people can be quite the dictator in their opinions.

    I am of the opinion that if I don't lecture you about your unhealthy eating habits, or force you to sit outside because you eat like a pig at the trough, then you should leave me alone!

    I have been told I can't smoke at sporting events that are OUTSIDE! But these same people don't have a problem with the emissions from cars or the effects their trash is having on the environment.

    You have really gotten me on my soapbox Simon! I have to stop now:)

  3. I guess that's why Winston said, "Never, Never, Never give up".

  4. Hi Simon, Sorry about not catching up with you at xmas! Was not there long, fire at townfoot on 25th, (Quite exciting), but hose is ok. Back in hburg. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2010!