Thursday, 7 January 2010


Well people we have snow, with more forecast over the next two weeks.

We don't often get this stuff in Britain, so when it happens, it ends up being a national disaster!

In Alnwick we currently have about 26 centimetres in the town, that's ten inches to you civilised people.

The children love it, no school! Far too dangerous for teachers to go to work.

Back in 1963, when I was a bairn and the snow was seriously deep, we still went to school, but now in PC Britain education takes second place to the needs of public servants.

As a result parents must take time off work to look after their little horrors, compounding the economic results of a little snow.

Now obviously certain professions and trades cannot work during these conditions, and I refer mainly to people in the construction industry.

How is it that schools are shut, when most of the kids live within walking distance?

We have even had two local banks closed because of a bit of snow!

It was forecast long before it happened and these organisations should have made provisions to ensure their institutions remained open.

Post-snow we can expect excuses for failure to deliver services and no doubt increased costs to the community as a result of the weather; a cover for financial incompetence!

However all will be well, Gordon Brown will just print some more money and the problem will go away.Not!

We are living in the madhouse, the Maquis de Sade would be proud!

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