Saturday, 16 January 2010

Monoatomic Gold

I am an avid explorer of the internet, as no doubt many of you are as well, I have run across absolutely loads of websites relating to a substance called Monoatomic Gold.

Initially these sites sound incredibly interesting, but me, being me,I like to check things out.

I found that without exception all these sites were what you might call ' New Age '.

So in the course of my investigations, I discovered that the origin of these promoters ,of what they refer to as ORME, is a chap called David Hudson.

Going back to the seventies , David Hudson from Arizona, started to analyse the poor soil on his farm, using various chemical processes, with the initial intention of improving the porosity of his land, he discovered that there were elements in his soil that warranted investigation.

Without being excessively boring, he discovered that his soil contained many of what are referred to by science,as ' Exotic Elements '.

By this he means metals of the Platinum Family.

After many years of investigation, using his own money, he came up with a substance called Monoatomic Gold.

In simple terms, you take 24 carat gold and heat it to the temperature of the Sun and end up with a white powder, which is about 56% of the weight of conventional gold.

What we are dealing with here is Alchemy!

Hudson stated that after a blinding flash, all that was left of the gold, was a white powder, which defied analysis.

Indeed in the crucible that it was produced in, when weighed, it effectively did not exist.

Now step back a moment: According to Hudson, this substance had lost weight, as had the crucible.

David Hudson's assessments of this reaction defied probability.

He says that solid metal heated beyond boiling point, will result in a pure white powder, that is not analysable.

Woo! I think. Sounds amazing!

Definitely interesting! Has Hudson found something here?

As you can imagine conventional science tends to be sceptical of anything that relates to alchemy.

Personally I am excited by what he has found. But then!

David Hudson starts telling the world that this white powder will interact with body systems and cure all diseases by rectifying DNA.

He also states that Monoatomic Gold will enhance our awareness of who we are.

At this point I become a little sceptical.

We are now in a situation where New Age companies are selling this white powder as a solution to medical problems.

Based on what?

Personally, my investigations have shown that neither the FDA , or the British Foods Standards Agency have analysed this product.

I would love to think that this product works, but sadly I think we are again living in a world where gullible people are going to suffer.

I leave it to you, to consider the answer!


  1. Hi Simon,
    I have to agree with you about the gullible suffering.
    I have spent most of my life on the fringes of the alternative community.
    There seems to be a very seedy downside to our community and that is a non ending string of charlatans queuing up to lead the gullible to some new salvation (and usually relieve them of their money along the way).
    Don't get me wrong there are many good and genuine people out there but I have seen so much harm.
    Of course many people will report benefits from crap like this guy's (it's called the placebo effect) but 99.9% of these products and stories give no real benefit except maybe to make people feel like they are doing something.
    As to this idiot's story. Heating something to the "temperature of the Sun" is a meaningless statement. If he is talking the surface of the sun that is not really impressive, the Sun surface temperature is only about 6,000°C. Anyone with an arc welder can heat metal to over 20,000°C. NO changes to atomic structure occur at anything like this temperature.
    If he is talking the temperature of the interior of the Sun (10,000,000°C+) then he is simply lying, you can't get temperatures like this on earth without a fusion reactor or a very large particle accelerator. Any one "useing their own money" (billions of quid) to set up one of these is not going to need to sell you his product.
    Sorry about the rant, but people like this bastard make me really angry.
    People need to live simply, and listen their hearts and to the natural world. Then no one needs a guru.

  2. I agree with Al. It makes me angry too.

    In addition to the placebo affect Al mentions, I think there is also the "I don't want anybody to know I was duped" effect as well. Who wants to admit to being foolish?

  3. That's a pretty well compiled Hoax. Even though it sounds really stupid now, it doesn't the first time. Looking at all the flashy designs and the fake testimonials, many fall pray to this.

  4. Simon,
    Thank you so much for taking time out to "Guest Host" on my blog!!

    I love your post and I hope you will consider doing this again sometime!

  5. Frankly, Simon, I'm not going to allow anyone rectify my DNA -- or touch it in any fashion! Some of our friends just got back from Arizona, and you know what? It's really, really hot down there.

    And there are a lot of rock hounds standing out in that hot sun for long periods getting leather-stiff 'tans' and discovering themselves, just sometimes, on involuntary 'vision quests'.

    I, for instance, on one day which hit 110 Fahrenheit, actually saw a live coyote attack and eat a rattler! It wasn't until night, when I set down my copy of Carlos Castaneda, that the first saucer appeared.

    Gold working the DNA? Well . . . why not?