Friday, 22 January 2010

Our Tolerance Tested

We hear much about the abuse of Western power and the exploitation of Muslim communities around the World.

Whilst one must accept that an accord should be arranged between the Palestinians and the Israelis and indeed this is in the interest of us all, it should also be remembered that Islam is the new kid on the block.

Currently Islam plays the victim and justifies it's violence as the only way of expressing it's view.

Forget the propaganda expressed by Mullahs and Imams, which is excessively emotive.

In the course of it's history, Islam has butchered, millions of Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.Many of the survivors were either forcibly converted or were treated as second class citizens.

In the Islamic World today, Christians are still persecuted, look at Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq and Egypt.

Every day you here of Christians being attacked and their churches destroyed.

Saudia Arabia professes to be a friend of the West, but does not permit churches to be built and spends billions of dollars promoting Islam in Europe and America.

The Palestinian Christian community has all but left Palestine because of persecution.

Saudia Arabia promotes an extreme form of Islam, funding all sorts of projects in what appears a benign way, that suggests the faith is humane and considerate.

Just look at how they treat women, Christians, Jews and other faiths.

How many countries have a religious police, which is nothing more than the state security that existed in places like the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany!

Today, in Western Europe and America, Islamic extremists are growing in popularity amongst the ignorant poor.

This religion works well in areas where literacy and intelligence are lacking.

Both in Europe and America we have created, so called Human Rights legislation, which is being abused by lawyers to protect communities who wish to destroy Christianity in the West.

Consider this........will Muslim countries produce the same legislation to protect Christian communities.

What concerns me is this...America supports Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Nigeria and the Gulf States, but does nothing to protect the Christian communities.

I ask you this. Saudia Arabia, do not promote your faith, unless you allow the promotion of Christianity in your country!

We live in dangerous times and if we are not careful, our culture will be destroyed!

So our people are told to keep their mouths shut, because otherwise they are bigoted and you have to accept other peoples views.

In England now, if you express an opinion about Muslims, the chances are that you will be arrested.

Just what Islam wants!


  1. The spirit of tolerance is not very strong in most people, and unfortunately it seems even less so among many followers of Islam.

  2. Very apt blog... but who is doing anything to bring about a change? There may come a day when people like us may get arrested for expressing our thoughts and views on Islam.