Saturday, 15 August 2009

Life Between Life

Most people at some time in their lives ask the fundamental question.Why am I here?They may have investigated different spiritual systems to try and find the answer to this question.Most major faiths have adherents of re-incarnation,including both Christianity and Islam.
Life Between Life looks at a study area which is not widely known,yes,many of us have heard of Past Life experiences but what Dr Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher have focused on is the periods that exist between past lives.
This book is indeed a revelation if you wish to understand why we are here and the meaning of this present life.
Dr Whitton uses a process called hypnotic regression to achieve some startling results,that are helping us to understand our place in the Universe.
For those of you in search of an inner meaning to life,I would strongly recommend this work.
I have an link on the site for those interested in this area of study.

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