Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Fighting Oppression


Today I have been asked to sign a petition denouncing an American Republican politician.Normally I would refrain from comments on politicians in other countries.However the man in question seems to be criticising Democrats, who seek health reform for the poor of America,as Nazis!
To say the least I find this a little perverse,since the previous administration were more akin to that train of thought.
This site seeks to withstand bigotry in all it's forms and from wherever it comes.I believe it was Winston Churchill who said beware if isms and ists, they, however well meant, tend to have an extreme point of view.
So today the Rainbow Bank has signed it's first petition.

Go in peace.


1 comment:

  1. Simon,

    I DO thank thee SOOOOO much for your signature on that VERY important petition. As the old saying goes:

    "He doth protest too much."

    Yes, this fellow has used his power in the wrong way, ever since he gained it. Oh, to those that be curious as to just who this personage be, I'll tell you:

    Tis the one and only, yes that blabbermouth of the airwaves, the (I don't care if he says he's not, for he is)unoffical head of the Republican party in the U.S.A., Rush Limbaugh. And yes, while Dubay was in office, folk did call, did hang the name of Nazi upon him, and, if it had been ANYONE but nasty mouthed, lunitic fringe leader of the Far Right Wing, Neo Con Conservatives who'd penned that same term upon the Dems, I might have given them a chance to think it over, to redeem themselves. However, Limbaugh's tounge is quite a dangerous weapon, it MUST be curbed. A bit and a check reign is put in the mouth of a horse so that the rider of said beast can control what it does, ah, a way must be found to do the same to that appendage of Rush's, before tis too late, before his rantings and ravings have gone way too far for us to do anything about them.