Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Secret History of the World

An English guy has written a book that takes a totally different view of the history of the World.Organised religion wants you to accept what the Priests and Imams tell you in a literal sense and you are expected to take this in blind faith.Esoteric thought in Judaism,Christianity,Islam,Buddism and Hinduism encourages you to think and explore,to achieve spiritual enlightenment.This clearly requires an inquiring mind,something the self interested would prefer you did not have.
Mass religion is based on a requirement that the populace are ignorant,since it is more to do with power than belief in the Great Architect of the Universe.
What ever faith you have,I strongly recommend you read this book,it will open your eyes and astound you,it will stengthen your belief and make you realise that all faiths are one.How we express our beliefs is a personal matter and should simply be guided by our understanding of right and wrong.
The Rainbow Bank is intended as your forum to express thoughts and ideas,which demonstrate the true unity of humanity.We must fight bigotry and oppression,as expoused by politicians,priests,imams,rabbis and any others who wish to impose ways of life that merely suit them and not those they seek to control or oppress.Our aim must be to encourage education and to question those who would try to manipulate us.

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  1. Simon,

    The above mentioned tome sounds like a most interesting and informative read. Can one purchase it from Amazon?