Saturday, 15 August 2009

An Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear David

I am posting this letter on my Blog since I think it highly unlikely that your sycophants will want you to see it.The English Pub is in crisis caused primarily by idiotic legislation created by MP's whose only interest in these bastions of local communities, is a fear of the unelected and faceless Health and Safety Facists who now pervade our society.Or indeed it may be the remuneration they receive from institutions who have a vested interest in their failure.
The decline of the English Pub began during Mrs Thatchers time when the breweries were forced to sell parts of their estate on the basis of increasing competition.Nothing of that order ever happened.Instead the pubs were taken over by property companies who simply wanted a rate of return on the bricks and mortar.Replacing one cartel with another.
To salvage what is left of our heritage you can use another vehicle of Mrs Thatcher's and that is the right to buy.Give managers and tennants the right to buy free of tie and we might salvage communities and create local jobs for what will be genuine small businesses.You would also be advised to allow landlords to decide if they want smoking in their pubs instead of being terrified by faceless bureaucrats!I live in a small town and there isn't one landlord who wouldn't want smoking back in the pub,and that includes non-smokers!
If you are to be the next Prime Minister you need a little spine.

Simon Holmes

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