Thursday, 20 August 2009

Afghan Elections

Well the Afghan elections are under way,first reports indicate a low turnout,caused by a combination of corruption and justifiable fear on the part of the populace of violent attacks by illiterate savages who hide behind selective extracts from the Koran.These people call themselves the Taliban and abuse a faith that does not expouse what they do.
They are little more than gangsters who use drug money to buy weapons,which more often than not are pointed at their own people.
The Koran specifically requires Muslims to protect people of The Book.Today we should remember all Jews,Christians and Muslims who have died as a result of bigotry.
Any idiot who thinks he is going to heaven having taken anothers life can only be considered a complete buffoon!
Ordinary people in Afghanistan simply want a life where they can feed the're families,provide them with a decent education that gives them a good start in life.
You only have to look at photographs of the people to realise they are honourable,proud and have the potential to build a beautiful country.
What holds them back is a medieaval culture that refuses to adapt to the modern world.
For me I wish them well,but they must free their women from fear!
Go with God!

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  1. For a "cantankerous old bastard" (I did check your profile), you make a bit of sense!