Saturday, 22 August 2009

15 Year Old Iranian Boy Raped in Prison

Today in the Times we read that a 15 year old boy sufferered multiple rapes at the hands of prison guards in Iran.And why did this young boy suffer the foulest of indiginities?Because he had the affrontery to criticise the tin pot dictatorship of Iran,which masquerades as an Islamic Democratic Republic.
This regime has taken the abuses of the days of the Shah to new heights and clearly it is approved of by the mullahs!
To resist this regime means rape,butchery and murder of it's own citizens,who are by and large followers of Islam.
Pray where in the Koran does it sanction such cruelty?
Such a regime is redundant,you cannot keep your people living in fear forever,the time is coming when the Mullahs will be on the run.The people of Iran will make the neccessary changes and bring these criminals to justice!

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